GAhelper for Google Analytics
ISAPI Filter or .NET HttpModule for IIS
Easily add Google Analytics to ALL your web pages in less than five minutes
Why GAhelper?
For large or dynamically generated websites adding the tracking code to every page of your website can take hours or days. We created GAhelper as a simple way to add Google Analytics tracking code to every page of a website in less than five minutes.

How do I use GAhelper?
Google Analytics is Google's free website statistics and analysis tool. When you create an Analytics account, to enable statistics for your website Google provides instructions on how to add a piece of code to the bottom of every page of your website.

GAhelper can be installed on any IIS 5.0 through IIS 7.0 website as an ISAPI filter or HttpModule. It can even be installed as a global filter for your entire IIS server, ready to run for any website.

There are some differences in configuration depending on the version you choose. The 2.x version is not neccessarily better than the 1.x version, they install in different ways and you can choose what suits you better.

.NET Version 2.03:
A new implimentation of GAHelper as a .NET HttpModule is the newest option in all managed code. Great for IIS7 and IIS integrated pipeline mode.
How to configure

New in Version 2.03

ISAPI Version 1.23:
Adds an AlwaysOutput configuration option to always output tracking code, even if existing code already exists on the page
Update from earlier versions free for licensed users. How to configure.

GAhelper requirement:
Windows web server with IIS 5.0+
For the ISAPI version, the ability install a .dll file as an ISAPI filter on IIS
For the .NET version, you must have ASP.NET enabled on the server
A Google Analytics account .